Better Shared Content for Campaigns



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    Chadrick Mahaffey

    I really think more in-depth campaign tooling will make DDB amazing to work with as a DM.

    Tier Archs:

    • Lists of adventures I as a DM are building over time.


    • Lists of Sessions or Encounters I can group together and work on over time.


    • Toggle Button for Players that Show Up (integrated with all players on one screen feature request)
    • Both monster and non-monster encounters


    • NPC Management with searching (a feature already requested)
    • Secrets and Clues broke out into their own sections (with the ability to show them to specific players - another feature already requested)
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    Mark McCollum


    This is exactly what I want. I sooo hope that DDB ends up in this place in the long run. Specifically the Secrets and Clues broken out into their own and the NPC Management. I use Evernote for that now, and it would be sooo much better to consolidate into one tool and get the benefits of referencing things inside the application, such as automatic stat blocks for NPCs, etc.

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    Joseph Smith

     A Journal: Players and DMs can add summaries of events and sessions so that missing, new and returning players can catch up.

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