The Ability to Hide Your Homebrew Content from Friends



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    Melissa Mary Doucette

    There will be content management coming, hooray!

    However for the short term I would recommend that you remove the items in question from your Collection. They will remain in your Creations, but no one else will be able to access them accidentally through Content Sharing!

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    Keith M Jones

    Melissa's response is exactly what I've done. I'd just like there to be an option at the offset, when you create it, to have it hidden by default. 

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    Erik Manley

    It would still be nice to have a homebrew collection or folder system to keep homebrew stuff compartmentalized. It would also make for a really cool browsing system. 

    Imagine having homebrew collections to browse through similar to steam's workshop collections. Imagine finding a "Middle Earth" homebrew collection, or a "Sci Fi" homebrew collection. Subscribe to the one collection and immediately have all items, races, subclasses, feats, monsters, etc that you need to run a fully functional homebrew campaign in that setting. 

    I feel it would be pretty easy to make custom collections for private use or for sharing in the system. Mash two or three collections together and have a hugely feature rich homebrew system. When you make your own campaign, display a list of all the collections you've created/are subscribed to. Every checkbox you place gets put into the campaign. 

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