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    I would prefer it if pre-generated characters were a Character Builder option. Standard - Quick Build - Randomize - Pre-Generated.

    You would then select whichever pre-gen you wanted and have available. This is preferable to me because it means my list of characters are only those I have selected or created myself, and I don't have a bunch of pre-gens I don't want to use cluttering the list.

    I would also like to see the pre-gens to be those from official materials, such as adventure modules like Lost Mines of Phandelver. Randomize already provides the value of pre-generating characters based around predetermined levels, classes and races, pre-gens would have a different value for DMs.

    So, in short, I love the idea of pre-gens but would prefer if:

    • Pre-gens are a selectable option at the first stage of character generation
    • Pre-gens come from those included in official materials
    • This would logically be tied to what content has been unlocked and/or shared
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