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    Ben Longman

    I have a chromebook with android support entirely so that I can use the D&D Beyond app.

    I would love to see a Mac version of the App, even if it's just wrapped in an Android emulator.

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    Jeff Cigrand

    maybe add it to the VTT request?, allowing LAN-play? would be a great combo.

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    Daniel Clay Floyd

    I might recommend rebrand your request title to something like: "Offline Desktop Application for in person play" because I didn't realize this was for offline access to content and down voted it until I was looking to make a request for an offline option. Based on the current title of "Desktop version of DDB App" I thought you were saying convert the web access to an app for the sake of no longer being browser reliant. Which is not a bad goal but could still require "online access" like many phone and steam based apps do for changes and save functions. If you rebrand your request, I suspect you will get a lot more votes from all the people like me who are going to a friends house that lacks the WIFI bandwidth for a GM, 4-8 players, and what ever their family (kids and wife who don't play) pulling from Netflix etc in other rooms. … I have changed my vote from down for low priority to up due to my shift to high priority and I hope you rebrand key word "offline" and get the upvotes I suspect to drive this up as a DDB priority. Thanks for your time.

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