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    Ken Erikson

    I haven't found a search bar (that uses suggestions) that doesn't work as above, so it's not only Google and I certainly wouldn't call it bad practice.

    Wanting to revise a search, though, is a valid use case. I'd prefer a search bar where the search text is changed when you select a suggested option with the 'Down arrow'-key and then press 'Enter' to execute the (possibly revised) search.

    We'll have to see if there are some changes in the coming 'Site Navigation'-overhaul.

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    Yes! I see two issues with the search bar. The first is noted here, if I choose an auto suggested term I want to go straight to that entry! I use a screen keyboard and tend to tap the auto entry and then the keyboard goes away.

    This leads to the second issue. The magnifying glass next to the search bar does not perform a search but rather opens advanced search. So my process is generally

    tap search box
    begin typing
    Tap suggested entry
    Keyboard goes away and nothing happens.
    Either re open keyboard and hit enter, or tap magnifying glass and get advanced search and have to retype my query.

    Simple UI fixes that would greatly speed up search times.
    Selecting a suggested entry leads directly to that entries page. Only Issue I see here is when an entry comes from multiple sources.
    Change the magnifying glass to a search button and add link for advanced search.

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    Jeff Cigrand

    Just because google has taught us bad practice does not mean others must copy it. I like that I can select with one enter, and revise the selection, maybe even change it or add to it.

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