Magic Shop Random Stock Generation



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    This would be a great addition to the containers that are already planned. Random-filling containers within chosen filters (rarity, cost, item type, magic/mundane, etc) would allow for easier shop stocking, and would keep my players from trying to buy everything in the book until I tell them no.

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    Billy Eason

    I would like to see this integrated with inventory management as having the ability to bring in any compendium content from any of the WOTC books as well as adding homebrew into a table that would include the price and how many of each item. With a way to the deduct the price from the PCs character sheet and then automatically add the item to the character sheet after they have purchased the item. 

    It should be linked to the campaign page that has sharing enabled so that at least only one person needs to have purchased the item or source book to be able to add that item into the "shop" so that a PC who hasn't purchased the sourcebook  can still be able to see and purchase the item and add it to the character sheet.

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