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    Melissa Mary Doucette

    This would be great.

    I'm the most proficienct with DDB in a group I play in, so when the DM gives them a homebrew boon or item he asks me to enter it in. I would love the ability to separate those items into a group separate from my own homebrew.

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    This is an absolute must. Many homebrew settings, or even thirdparty 5E books have significant updates to existing sub-races, magic items, etc. and introduce their own new things.

    It'd be awesome if you could whitelist/blacklist things when you create a campaign, so that any characters created for that campaign come with these restrictions, which limits the amount of back-and-forth that you need to go through with your players.

    Grouping your homebrew would making it really easy to whitelist an entire set of things, without having to pick them out specifically, and would make it easy to add new things as the campaign goes on, without having to adjust each time you want to add a new magic item.

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    Erik Manley

    I would very much love to see this happen! I have many homebrew campaigns and hate the hoops i have to jump through to get the right homebrew content to my players.

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