Split Passive Perception



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    Daniel Clay Floyd

    I understand that. I have eyes of the eagle that by RAW give me +5 passive perception due to permanent advantage but only on sight, not hearing. That said, I have multiple characters and this is the only one that would use it and I don't want the clutter on them. If this was an option we could turn on by double click it or if it would auto-separate only if those scores were different that would be nice. Upvoted.

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    Ben Morrier

    Having simply the option to further customize the "Senses" box on the character sheet could solve the issue.

    i.e.  Manage [cog icon] > Customize > *Custom Sense* / Source/Notes"

    Assuming you have Darkvision 60 ft and you added "Keen Sight PP 17" / Source/Notes: "Eyes of the Eagle"] in custom sense, the box would show:

    Darvision 60 ft., Keen Sight PP 17

    While clicking on the cog would also indicate the Source (Eyes of the Eagle)

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