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    Yeah it seems strange that magic items don't have access to all the same options as feats/traits, as it just seems like it'd be a lot easier to unify the two systems.

    Frankly though the homebrew stuff on D&D Beyond is a mess; if you have some idea of what you're doing it's okay, but often you have to copy similar items to see how they do something, and then end up just describing stuff anyway. Whole thing really needs an overhaul, and while I think it is planned it's already long overdue.

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    Kenneth Brunsvig

    Yes. Magic items, in general, need an overhaul yesterday. They need the ability to have actions tied to them, and they need the ability to have charges tied to those actions or spells. Currently, most official magic items do not work in dndb as they should; any magic item that has multiple spells tied to it, each of which can be used once per day, just has a shared pool and you can spam the same spell with all the charges.

    For most egregious example, look at literally all the legendary magic items from the Theros book.

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    Rylie Wrexxal Meyers

    Plus specific uses per rest/dawn per action, like (crudely) the ability to limit once per dawn use to each spell given to the attuned creature. Would love to help code this.

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