Orcish Fury/Savage Attacks and Great Weapon Fighting style



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    I think they may already be planning to add support for minimum roll features, re-roll 1's and similar, but definitely seconded.

    As for the crit though, they've actually added crit support for the dice roller; if you roll a crit on a hit roll then your damage roll will go blue and double the damage dice the next time you roll them. You can also override this by right-clicking (or long pressing) the damage roll which lets you choose between normal and critical.

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    Ed Lenon

    To clarify this feature request,  there are no issues with how the crit functionality is working on normal attack rolls from Beyond20 to Discord.

    The issue is with the damage roll not accounting for the GWF fighting style, in the Savage Attacks racial damage roll.

    In addition, I am unable to find an option or enter a formula to account for GWF style in custom attack action rolls.

    Example crit:

    There is initial Slashing damage and Slashing damage crit.  Both of these are rolled with 1d12r<=2 to account for GWF style. (incidently, a 2 was rolled on the crit dmg roll and it re-rolled to a 7)

    Savage Attacks crit damage is also listed.  This rolled 1d12 for damage, not 1d12r<=2, so it is not accounting for the GWF style on the Savage Attacks crit damage roll.


    1d20 + 8 (20) + 8
    Slashing Damage :
    1d12r<=2 + 5 (10) + 5
    Slashing Critical Damage :
    1d12r<=2 (2 + 7)
    Savage Attacks Critical Damage :
    1d12 (3)
    Total Damage :
    15 15
    Total Critical Damage :
    7 + 3 7 + 3
    Rolled using Beyond 20
    If I also wanted to add Orcish Fury damage to this crit attack, I would roll my Orcish Fury (Crit) custom attack action, which rolls 2d12 damage.

    I would like it to roll 2d12r<=2, instead of 2d12.
    I do not see a way to tell it to do this.
    Slashing Damage :
    2d12 (7 + 10)
    Rolled using Beyond 20
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