[Homebrew] Permanently Delete Unmodified Copies



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    To expand on this suggestion a bit further, I wonder if it might make sense to have a specific "Archive" function for removing content from your main creations list without potentially triggering permanent deletion; this would be useful for copying sub-classes etc. for reference that you might need again.

    It would be great if the ability archive was also available for published items; as archiving would leave them published, it would just allow you to move them from your current creations.

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    Ben Morrier

    Just came here (Zendesk) to ask this. The copies clutter the system, and whenever you attempt to create new homebrew feat, monster, subclass, item, spell, etc., deleted copies and homebrew items *not* currently in your collection appear for some reason when adding options. 

    I understand the difficulty/hesitation of deleting public (shared) content, but I don't see any reason not be able to permanently delete things that are not in use. Certainly seems like a bug rather than a feature.

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