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    This is something I've wanted too. When you go around the table asking "What's your passive perception" it alerts everyone that there was something to perceive, and then once everyone hears what the party's highest passive perception score was and the DM still doesn't tell the players they noticed something, the players also have an idea of how hard of a roll it was. Now they know there's something to find nearby that's extra hard to perceive, and they'll start behaving differently, even if they don't mean to.

    Yes, the DM could get all that info and write it down ahead of time, but that won't account for any changes or effects the characters might be under unless they update that list every constantly, which would be exhausting and time consuming.

    Same with language checks. It's not so spoiler-y when the party hears a voice and you have to stop to ask around about language skills to see if anyone understands it, but it still grinds gameplay to a halt for a bit while everyone has to check their sheets and answer.

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