Cleric Forge Domain Blessing of the Forge


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    While I agree that a proper feature would be nice, in the meantime you can actually add these bonuses on a more easily without creating items:

    If you click a weapon's attack (under the Actions tab) to open the sidebar and click Customize then you can add a bonus to attack and damage there, you just have to remember to remove the customisations when you want to switch out to another item.

    To add AC you can click your character's AC value on the character sheet to open the sidebar, and the same kind of Customize option will allow you to increase it and reset it to normal.

    This is a bit easier to manage than adding custom items, and is how your party members will need to do it if you want to apply the blessing to an item for use by one of them.


    But yeah, long term it'd be nice to see something similar to a Monk's Dedicated Weapon feature, or a Hexblade's Hex Weapon feature, which add a box to compatible items. Same thing for Blessing of the Forge covering both weapons and armour would be nice.

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