Making a Wizard


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    This is the wrong place to ask for support, as you've posted in Feature Requests.

    However it sounds like you don't have content sharing fully enabled, to have access to all the schools of magic you'll need to make sure that:

    • At least one person in the campaign has a Master subscription (may need to be the campaign's DM, I'm not sure).
    • Content sharing is enabled for the campaign.
    • You are creating your character within the campaign (you should have been given a link to join the campaign, when you follow this you can choose an existing character in your collection, an unassigned character in the campaign, or you can create a new one).
    • Make sure your account entitlements are in sync, you can do so on the D&D Beyond main site by going into your profile and choosing My Account (over on the right) and then opening the Marketplace tab. At the top it should tell you if your entitlements are in sync or not (with a button to fix it in the latter case).

    If you are still having problems, you should click "Submit Request" in the top right of this page, and make sure you are choosing "D&D Beyond Assistance" to send your request to the support staff.

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