can't access a book I own


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    You've posted this under Feature Requests; if you want to get support you need to click "Submit a request" in the top right and choose "D&D Beyond Assistance".

    However, if you're trying to access the digital copy of a book that you own as a physical copy then you can't; until yesterday D&D Beyond was not part of Wizards of the Coast, and even though the takeover has now been announced it's going to be some time before physical books include unlock codes for digital content (assuming WotC even want to do this).

    The digital and physical copies of a book are two separate copies and must be purchased separately; however, if you have the physical book then you don't need to pay for the whole thing. On D&D Beyond you can purchase just the sub-class(es), spell(s) etc. that you need, you don't need to buy the compendium content (full text, images etc.) that you already own.

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